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Jennifer Jubin

Forever Wild emerged from Jen’s belief in slowing down and paying attention to the things that matter. “I wanted to create a community space where people feel connected to their food and each other. I feel so fortunate to live in the Adirondacks and believe in business that supports the preservation of the environment and wilderness. While it may seem disconjointed, this is my attempt to in harmony with nature from sourcing locally, to using natural preservation techniques, herbal medicine, and inspiring creative community.

Danna Libbey

Danna is an Adirondack-transplant from Virginia. Lover, creator, writer, hiker, educator, server, dancer, and Boreal Zine co-editor, she is focused on positively transmuting energy to honor the things we love: Earth, art, and the community. In addition to her warm energy as a front-end tea-tender, she will assist in growing BV’s creative programming & projects.

Chani Greiner

Chani began studying herbal sciences and natural healthcare in 2003, and is a Wise Woman Herbalist, Green Witch, Energetic Healer (Reiki Master), Plant Spirit Medicine Worker & Holistic Health Practitioner with Bachelor degrees in Psychology and Natural Health Sciences. Chani will help you navigate the pathways of whole food nutrition, traditional herbs, Ayurvedic body constitutions, energy work, meditation and plant spirit medicine to aid you in your wellness journey. She offers in-person health consultations at Bliss and Vinegar, Skype consultations, and telephone consultations. Learn more at www.Root-Alchemy.com!

Forever Wild Apothecary

offers educational information and this information should be treated as such. Always consult a medical professional before implementing new herbs or protocols, especially if you have a pre-existing condition, take medications, are pregnant, or trying to become pregnant. Herbal supplements and traditional herbs have not been evaluated by the FDA and do not claim to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please use good judgment and always check for herb/ supplement/ drug contraindications when working with herbs.

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