Tea stands as one of the most well-known beverage options the world over. Warm and wonderful, a cup of tea is a symbol of simple comfort. Many are familiar with the calming effects of chamomile or the digestive-boosting power of peppermint, and wouldn’t be afraid to brew away. Herbal tea can be enjoyed by everyone, on rainy days or sunny afternoons, morning or night.

If you’ve ever enjoyed one of these delightful drinks, you may be unaware that you have been practicing basic herbalism. Yes, it’s true – you’ve been making herbal decoctions this whole time! Yay you!

Herbal medicine can seem heady and hard to get into. There are so many plants and fancy botanical names, contraindications and confusions. You may feel that the world of plant remedies is beyond your knowledge. This is, thankfully, not true. Herbs are for the world, for me and for you. And thankfully, beginning to enjoy and understand these botanical beauties can be as simple as steeping a cup.

Beyond your basic grocery store blends, you can really dive into the deep and profound benefits of various plants and parts. Don’t be afraid of exploring this option when you want something that is both healthful and indulgent.

A pot of tea with friends or a cup of tea alone is a love letter, saying “You deserve to be happy, healthy, and whole. Slow down and enjoy this warmth with me.”

We hope you will join us in doing this very thing.

Cheers, Danna